From the inside out

You have a demanding job and busy life.  It all looks good on the outside.  Yet:

  • You are not achieving as much as you want to be or feel you should be.
  • Sometimes you know you are keeping busy so as not to face a void.
  • You have a nagging feeling that there is something wrong with you. If only you knew what it was you could change it!
  • It disheartens you when you feel under-appreciated by others.
  • You yearn for a sacred connection in your life.
  • You yearn for a deeper sense of fulfilment and purpose.

I get it; I’ve been in all those places.  I’ve spent nearly 20 years as an investment banker and as a spiritual seeker.  I’ve journeyed through these and know it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Let me share a little about my journey and me.

Seeds of compassion

My mum had a huge heart, a strong spirit and she oozed creativity.  And she struggled with long bouts of depression, emotional turmoil and more illnesses and operations than anyone I’ve ever known.  Probably the most difficult thing to witness was Mums inability to really love and value herself.  She never got over her own mother, my granny, not showing her any love.  That was a very deep wound that stayed with her all her life.  Seeing my mothers’ struggles helped me grow in compassion and sensitivity.

I wonder if my mum had had access to heart-centered guides and coaches, how different her life could have been.

I believe that self-love and self-appreciation are vital to our happiness, fulfilment and joy.

Sacred Connection

I used to feel a real conflict when in my banking job.  I felt pride and excitement about being in a cutting-edge fast-paced city job, and was frustrated that I was not doing something that I was truly passionate about.  I was always searching for that something, that sense of purpose.  Periodically I’d leave my city job to go backpacking around the globe for a couple of years, as this was (and still is) something that truly lights me up.

In 2003 in Guatemala my life changed forever.  I found myself in San Marcos, a community of spiritual explorers on the shores of Lake Atitlan.  I felt very at home, like I really belonged.  During an attunement to Reiki (a healing energy) I had a spiritual awakening.  During the ceremony, out of the blue, tears started streaming down my face.  Something deep deep inside was touched and a never-before-heard voice from within me said ‘we are so pleased you are taking this step’.  A sacred connection had been made with my guides and my higher self.  My spiritual journey kept flourishing from there.  I studied metaphysics, meditation and was on a soul journey of inner awareness.  I stayed in Guatemala for almost a year.   Later I found Karen and Lisehanne – two wise, compassionate, joyful teachers in Glastonbury UK to study with.  I had found another spiritual home and my soul journey deepened.

Leading with Love

After Latin America, back in the ‘real world’, I was working for an investment bank again while making regular trips to Glastonbury.  Probably the biggest challenge I had at that time was spending much of my life single.  I frequently asked myself (and those close to me) ‘what’s wrong with me?’.  Despite my many friends I battled with loneliness, feeling under appreciated and lacking in love.  It was my sacred connection – in meditations, healing journeys, communication with my guides – that shifted this for me.  I became a much more peaceful person (while still being a little sassy ;-)), I learned to love and accept myself, I felt more confident and loving at work, I connected more deeply with people.  I listened to the whisperings of my soul, regularly. Neediness and insecurity diminished, personal fulfillment rose.  I could feel more love and purpose in my life.

I want this for you too.

Inspired Action

Being coached gave me the courage to start running weekly Mindfulness sessions in the investment bank. That was a big step. It was damn scary to begin with, but I loved every session!

Coaching was the missing piece for me.  As I started coaching others I was able to bring my years of spiritual training into the mix too.  I’m an enabler of the inner change and outer change.

A sacred connection is about listening to the voice of love within.  It’s about feeling really loved.  There are answers inside you that are your gateway to a more fulfilling life.

I’d love to support you in finding those answers, being directed by your soul and taking inspired action motivated by love.