Does a calm life seem boring?

I relish adventure and variety, and being Irish I do love a bit of craic!  There are also things I want to achieve in my work, so in all this can create very busy periods.  And that can be exciting.  Some people think it’s the only way to go – you are not living life to the max unless you are constantly pushing yourself and always striving. I’ve heard a number of people express that life would be boring if they weren’t so busy!

One problem with that is that being constantly active and pushing ourselves to do more, means we end up exhausted and possibly quite stressed.   Continuously grasping is never fully satisfying, as you always want more. 

The other faux pas is thinking that the alternative to that hectic lifestyle is being bored or being boring, that being calm is a monotonous in-between state. 

On the contrary enjoying the calmer ‘ying’ state really helps to recharge our batteries, to feel more peaceful and for other interesting tangents of life to open up. 

The rhythm of our lives naturally changes – within a month, a week, a day, even an hour. To be in balance is to flow with those rhythms and not be stuck in one extreme or other.We work best when we flow between calm and receptive (ying energy) to outgoing and engaging (yang energy). Our ying needs our yang and vica versa.

When in a calm place we are creating a space to connect inwards and to listen to the quiet whisperings of our soul.  Those whisperings may be as simple as a friend coming to mind who you want to connect with, inspirations about something new you would love to try or create, or a realization that something you have been doing lately just doesn’t feel right. 

Perhaps what people are most afraid of isn’t the boredom, but really facing what their inner knowing is trying to tell them. 

We are so used to chasing, yearning and grasping that once we take a reprieve from that it can feel like we are ‘doing nothing’. What really happens though is we are opening ourselves up to receive inspiration, creative ideas, healing, direction, to connect to what we really want and the things that will bring us a more lasting sense of happiness.

Don’t shy away from the quiet times. Embrace them, knowing that there are gifts in the calm and the peace you find there will fortify you for the challenges of the busy times. For me its both the inner journeys and the outer adventures that make life interesting.

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