Giving Back

In my years of world travel I’ve had wonderful opportunities to be involved in local communities.  These are communities in developing countries that have welcomed me, brought be so much joy and inspired me.  As a way to give back and help lift up those communities, I commit to donating 5% of my 2020 profits to these two charities that work in communities I love.

One is  is working in Dzita, Ghana. Through the foundation I volunteered in a local school in 2012 which culminated in my family and me fundraising to build  new school. Dream Big Ghana took on the building project and ‘Kris Gleeson’ school is thriving. The foundation works on many inspiring projects from building compost toilets to bring sanitation to villages, and to building a community center for the local children to play and learn.  Their love for the community shines through in all that they do.

Another is in San Marcos La Laguna in Guatemala.  It’s a community that’s very close to my heart, as I have lived there for a year and a half over two visits. One of the current projects in the foundation is to give an egg a day to all the students in the local school. This will be the most nutrition that some will have in the day, and it encourages them to come to school. So simple and so powerful.

I am delighted to say that by workign with me you are also comtributing to these communities.