How to finally stop work from zapping your energy

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If work is draining your energy there are a number of things that you can build awareness around, that once changed will start energising you.

It’s important to recognise if you recharge your batteries by engaging with people or by quiet time alone?

I am neither definitively an extrovert nor an introvert.  So, when my energy is low I ask myself if the company of others, or being quietly focused and reflective, sounds most appealing. Following my instincts, basically listening to what I want and following that with a corresponding action always helps to raise my energy levels.  I recommend you test the waters for yourself.  Ask yourself what would feel good then either make an effort to talk to someone or create some time where you won’t be disturbed.

Ok so we don’t always have the choice at work– sometimes the situation dictates what is required such as needing to be outgoing to give a presentation.  However, if you are pushing yourself to be continuously outgoing or being continuously insular, and it is against your true nature then you are heading for burnout or demotivation.

Who are you spending your time with?

Pay particular attention to how different people are affecting you.  Limit time with ‘Debbie Downers’ and ‘Moaning Mikes’ – also known as energy vampires. If you engage in negative gossip it will bring your mood down, putting you in a negative headspace and thus diminish your energy.  Seek out people at work whose company you find uplifting. Make a habit of regular interactions with them, even if it’s just a 20-second exchange at the water machine.

Are you trying to do everything at once?

How much multitasking are you doing? Studies show that it takes more energy (and is less productive) to keep switching from task to task. So it’s best to focus on single tasks for longer periods of time.  Create the habit of completing one thing before moving onto another, including checking your emails.

What’s your body saying?

Look at your posture – are you sitting upright with a straight back or are your shoulders hunched, and your body slouched over your desk? An upright and aligned body posture enables energy and chi flow more easily in your body, plus it is easier for you to feel more centered and grounded.

Have you developed a sugar overload or caffeine habit, especially on the busy days? Don’t fool yourself; you know that leads to a crash at some stage. There are a huge variety of tasty healthy bars out there now  – I tend to stock up on a brand of bars called ‘nakd’ and variety of nuts so I’ve got tasty go-to snacks that won’t lead to an ‘afternoon slump’.

Finally, gentleness and self care are very subtle yet powerful ways to both stop you getting too exhausted and to slowly bring your energy up. This can include being kinder in how you talk to yourself, taking some more mini breaks – even taking a minute to look out the window at an expansive sky or a 5-minute walk outside, taking some slow deep conscious breaths and nourishing yourself with some good food.  Explore such simple things that feel good and nourish body and soul. Discover how energising that is.

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