How to get your powerful 2020 vision on track

The whole world seems to be shaken and stirred these days. I truly believe that as we are on the cusp of big changes that will be happening not just on the world stage (macro level) but for each individual (micro level).

So what could that personal big change be? What if 2020 is your year of perfect vision, where you have clarity and focus like never before? What if that clarity and focus was the foundation for an empowering new decade for you?

Here’s my challenge for you. I’ve got 3 things to get your 2020 vision on track:

(1) Think of something important that you want but has eluded you till now.

Something you want to be different in the next year and the coming decade – and that would really enhance your life:

  • Improved relationship with your mother/ brother/ partner/ child
  • Becoming healthy
  • Feeling comfortable in your own skin
  • Knowing your life purpose
  • Being in a loving relationship
  • Creating financial security
  • Moving into a career that you love

(2) Imagine you in late 2020, and this thing no longer eludes you –

you either have it or you have clarity around the next steps to achieve it.

How do you feel?

Confident, relaxed, energized, happy, strong, loving?

How do you look? Is your body different? Are your clothes different? Do you carry yourself differently?

How is your life different because of that thing that has come into focus?

What do you know about that thing that you want to bring into being in 2020? E.g. what would an improved relationship with your mother look like? What expected impact on your life would there be to you knowing your life purpose?

Play around with this imagining and feeling into how you would love it to be in late 2020, if this thing no longer eluded you. You could journal about it or just let yourself daydream for a while.

(3) It is a journey to get there.  What one step could you take towards that 2020 vision now?

Look with fresh eyes. Just because you didn’t achieve something in the past does not mean you can’t achieve it now. You are an evolving being and maybe this is the perfect time for this to finally fall into place for you!

10 or 15 years ago a friend of mine Conrad was giving up smoking, yet again. I’ll always remember his remark ‘one of these times it will be my final time’.  And he hasn’t smoked since. Just because you didn’t succeed in the past, please don’t let that stop you going for that important change again now. 

My sister struggled with her weight for 20 years. She tried many things over the years but none had a dramatic impact. About 2 years ago she lost over 5lb (32kg+)!! I’m so proud of her! She now loves the gym, eats well, still parties hard, and overflows with vitality and enthusiasm for life. 

So have a real honest look at what stumped you in the past?  How could that not trip you up again?

What support (professional or otherwise) could help you and stop that same issue sabotaging you again now? 

E.g. if you want to lose weight would a personal trainer, a nutritionist or a weight loss coach provide the knowledge and support you need?

My sister loves her personal trainer and that wonderful relationship really kept her motivated. Now its how much better she feels physically and emotionally that keeps her motivated. 

So who can be your supporter, who keeps you motivated and believing in yourself?

Would an accountability buddy help you to take consistent action?

As a transformational mentor, I love guiding and supporting people on empowering journeys. I connect you to your inner knowing so you are taking purposeful confident actions to create a powerful change. 

However you embark on the journey to bring your 2020 vision into being, the 3 key components for you to keep in mind are support, knowledge and continuous action.  

So in summary your challenge is:

  • Chose one important thing
  • Visualise how you want to be in relation to it in late 2020
  • Get support, build knowledge, take ACTION

And make it an enjoyable journey to the next awesome version of you!!

If you have found this useful please share it.

Big love

Xx Gina

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