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Does your body get stiff from sitting at your desk for hours on end?

Do you get overloaded with demands so you can’t ‘see the wood for the trees’?

Do you feel disconnected from those around you?

Are there days (or months or years!) when you feel like you are just there for the paycheque?  These are some of the challenges we have all faced when working in a busy office environment.

So does your company have a support system in place that helps people with these challenges? Support not just for the senior management – but support available for everyone in the firm globally, that is instant and always available?

That’s what my program provides – and it doesn’t even require someone to leave their desk!

Program contents

Extensive series of 4-minute recordings relevant to everyday challenges of office workers

Additional 3-part Mindfulness training recordings

Optional live, on-site ‘Mindfulness & Wellbeing’ training sessions for London based businesses.

          80% of attendees gave the sessions a 5/5 rating

Recordings provide

  • Supportive tool for all global staff, on everyday office challenges
  • Mindfulness and stress management techniques presented in everyday language
  • Simple, practical & uplifting guidance to shift perceptions
  • Teach to relax the body and focus the mind while in the office
  • Training on what Mindfulness is and how it can be used for one’s benefit in the working day

What’s unique about the program

  • Minimal time required – 4 minutes can shift someone’s day from stressed to calm, or from fed-up to inspired
  • Accessed from work intranet, so support is instant and always available
  • All recordings are downloadable to personal devices from a password protected page on this site
  • Don’t need to leave your desk, just put on your work headphones
  • Is a simple cost-effective global solution
  • Addresses real-life work scenarios and uses examples relevant to the office environment
  • Live sessions are 30-minutes in a meeting room in the middle of the day


I have run over 100 ‘Mindfulness and Wellbeing’ live sessions in a top tier investment bank since 2015. As one Executive Director said:

‘Gina teaches skills that are really simple and easy to deploy from the moment you leave the room, I now have a toolkit to draw from in times of high pressure that really does work.’

If your company is looking for a simple and effective supportive tool that everyone can benefit from then please get in touch.

E: gina@joyoftheflow.com  M: 07913-403361


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