Spiritual Coach

Your soul wisdom is your ultimate guide

You are a kind, warm, smart woman.  Life looks good on paper but you are lacking any deep sense of fulfilment and purpose.  Things are stirring inside of you, ready for an awakening.

  • You want to make changes in your life and be guided by your soul – by your inner wisdom. But you are not sure how to do that.
  • You are yearning to have more quiet time and to meditate. Yet you keep yourself constantly busy.
  • You love a good night out, and are no stranger to a ‘shop till you drop’ splurge.  Sometimes though it feels like you are looking for satisfaction in the wrong places. Life can feel a little hollow.
  • Deep down you know you are a truly special, beautiful person with so much to offer the world. But you often don’t feel good enough. You are always striving and never feeling content.
  • You want to be valued and appreciated for all your awesomeness and your efforts. Yet the more you seek that from others, the more disempowered and under-appreciated you feel.

I want you to know that there are answers deep inside of you.

It’s time to listen to that kind supportive voice inside.

It’s time to take action aligned to your heart and soul

I know what its like to feel frustrated with your life, in this ‘not enough’ culture. But you are enough. You no longer have to feel disconnected from loving and elevating answers to your life’s questions.

I used to fill my life with work, socializing, buying nice things and constant noise  – I was too agitated to sit quietly with myself.  Frustration burned inside me, as I searched in vain for answers as to what my life was missing.  That was until I was helped to connect with my higher self, and could listen deeply to its deep and beautiful truth.  Then my perspective and how I experienced life shifted.


Here is what your life can look like

  • You relish taking time to meditate, to sit and listening to your soul wisdom
  • You embrace a new level of self-love and self-appreciation. You know you are truly loveable as you are
  • New insights and perspectives open up as you see situations from the perspective of your higher self.
  • You finally feel that you are on the right path – your souls path
  • You feel strong, calm and believe in yourself.
  • You are directed by your soul and take inspired actions motivated by love

Transformational Journey Package

A true transformational journey requires inner change and outer change.

I work on both a soul level and a practical level to support you in such changes. I help you uncover what your soul is calling for and what beliefs have been stopping you.  I use deep questioning, guide meditations and at times incorporate visualisation and healing.

The voice of your soul is the voice of compassion.  It is supportive and leads you to a more expansive purposeful life.  Both your head and your heart will also guide your answers and actions.  You will have a new perspective in many areas of your life and will be delighted at the new options that open up as a result.  The seeds of awakening need to bloom in your outer world. Action is an important part of the process, that’s what creates the outer change.  As the actions you take become more aligned, you will feel your inner strength and peace growing.

When we work together you will get

  • A safe space to share and explore; It is a non-judgmental space. You know you will be respected and receive loving support
  • 100% confidentiality
  • My commitment to help you connect to deeper truths and your soul wisdom
  • My commitment to help you uncover the best course of action to up level your life
  • Unlimited WhatsApp support; know you’re never alone on this journey
  • Bespoke 1:1 guided meditation and healing journeys; this powerful element of the sessions will give you clarity, solace and depth to your experience
  • A selection of my  meditation audio recordings for download onto your devices – these are supportive and comforting tools that you can use again and again for years to come
  • I will hold you in a healing loving light at least once a week during my personal meditations. Our relationship is sacred to me, so I infuse it with love and support in any way I can. 

How it all works

We have an initial call, you can schedule that here.

This complimentary ‘discovery call’ gives us a chance to connect, start exploring what is going on for you right now and how working with me can transform your life. If we both feel we’re a good fit we then agree the right package for you.

I’ll send you a short contract to sign, to ensure clarity and transparency regarding our work together.

Sessions are via Zoom.  The rhythm of a session every 2 weeks works well in most cases. Of course sometimes there may be circumstances we are working on, or even holidays, that may require us to work to a different schedule. What’s best for you is at the heart of my work.

Your investment

Packages start from £1200 for a 3 month journey together. 

VIP intensive 1 month package £1500 

Client Love

This is a flavour of what my clients have said about me (full testimonial can be seen here):

‘Gina has a very insightful approach to coaching and asks questions that  really get to the heart of an issue.’

‘I absolutely trusted Gina which was really important to me. She is empathetic and non judgmental, creating a very safe space, that felt nurturing.’

‘I feel empowered ‘ 

‘There were some real eye opening moments’

‘ Gina gave me permission to be kinder to myself ‘

‘Gina will guide you to reveal the answers from within you to change your very own world.”

‘ I see things such as relationships through a completely different lens’. 

‘Working with Gina has changed how I approach situations and interpret conversations.’

‘It’s great knowing there is another and healthier way to approach things! ‘  

‘Had my first session, and if I didn’t already believe in coaching, I sure would now!’

‘Decisions were made, lots of forward movement.  Gina is a warm caring professional who builds a gentle momentum moving towards a solution.’  

‘Very impressed, very motivated!’