Where the Magic Lives

I have a tendency every now and then to throw my life into the chaos and uncertainty of the unknown. This I see as a healthy thing, its part of how I grow.

When I first went backpacking around the world as a bright eyed 23 year old, it was the ‘not knowing’ what was next and the potential for adventure around every corner that was my biggest thrill. I felt so alive and ready for anything.

If only threading a new path were always so thrilling and easy! Fast forward many years and I’m trying to create a life that feeds my soul, a place I belong, doing work that’s truly fulfilling. A cacophony of doubts arise ‘Where is my life going? How will my hopes and dreams come to life? What step do I take next?’. Sometimes it’s like I’m stumbling in the dark with a narrow set of options before me. And yet…

I know this darkness is actually more akin to a dark night sky strewn with glistening stars. Each one of those stars holds the light of potential – for joy, fulfilment, connection, love, harmony, learning, purpose, abundance. Magic lives in the unknown, it’s where unlimited potential awaits us. Just because you can’t see what the upcoming opportunities might be, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. When the stars are hidden from your eye, they are still there.

And I know that it’s not just when travelling in exotic locations that life is ripe with possibilities. Every day, every hour, every minute, no matter where we are, we are stepping into the unknown. It’s beyond what we can control. It’s beyond what we can imagine.

I’m finding that when I chose to believe in possibilities and potential instead of limitations that a little bit of magic seems to happen.
A chance connection, an unexpected opportunity, a fun filled day. When I remember that, the excitement of a 23 year old backpacker resurfaces and I wonder with a smile ‘Where is my life going? How will my hopes and dreams come to life? What step will I take next?’.